2g Syringe 1EA, 24gauge Tip 20EA/1package

In minimally invasive endodontics, CleaniCal is designed to solve the problem caused by vital pulp remnants and to effectively control bacterial biofilm.

1. hydrosoluble calcium hydroxide
– N-methyl-pyrrolidone and Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose are used as vehicles.
– Easy to remove and rarely hardened in the syringe during storage.
– Does not irritate periapical tissue.

2. penetration enhancing technology
– Enhanced tissue loosening by hydroxyl ion penetration.
– Decomposes lipopolysaccharide attachment of bacterial biofilm.

3. One cone technique with GP cone
– Easily applied into an accessory canal or Isthmus by similar flow and film thickness like a sealer.


Weakens biofilm attachments

Loosens the residual pulp remnants

Does not irritate periapical tissue

Penetration enhancing technology makes lipopolysaccharide attachment of bacterial biofilm decompose. During the removal of CleaniCal, the biofilm and residual pulp remnants are removed together. To remove the biofilm, it is recommended to irrigate CleaniCal 24 hours after application.

#CleaniCal quickly penetrates into the surrounding tissues.

#So three days enough to show sufficient antibacterial effect.

In order to use CleaniCal well, it must be applied to all root canal walls, including the apex. So when applying CleaniCal, it is recommended to use it with GP cone as a single cone technique. The GP cone is cut at the occlusal level to help removal.